Hyaluronic acid helps to store water in the skin, providing essential moisture to body processes. HA helps control cell migration, which protect cells and also activates white cells in the blood. Because HA is an endogenous substance, it can be used to reduce the need for antibiotics by stimulating the immune system. HA helps reduce bacterial infections and has been found to inhibit the growth of a variety of strains of bacteria. It has also been concluded that HA even reduced the number of chronic bronchitis infections in patients.


There are many different options for supplementing your natural supply of hyaluronic acid. Currently, the most popular uses of hyaluronic acid supplements and products are to combat signs of aging such as wrinkles and as therapy for certain joint ailments. Hyaluronic acid supplements also boast the ability to combat and help with everything from sexual dysfunction to sleep problems.


The benefits of using hyaluronic acid treatments and supplements include: increased mobility, softer skin, faster wound healing, fibromyalgia relief, retinal lubrication, and clearer vision. In addition, users of HA have been known to enjoy dry skin relief, improved sleep, stabilized emotions, reduced fine lines, hair growth, hair color restoration, tissue reconstruction, and improved bone density. Other HA benefits include increased mental alertness, improved muscle strength, increased sexual potency, and strengthening of internal organs.


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